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Now Available! DwgGrid is a Windows Explorer like browser for all CAD type files. DwgGrid provides printing capabilities of the drawing thumbnail image, file listings and the directory tree structure. DwgGrid also creates contact sheets and Web pages of the thumbnail images for publishing to the Internet or your Intranet. 


The DwgGrid Browser:



The DwgGrid Browser is designed to provide you with easy and fast location of your CAD drawing files. DwgGrid conveniently diplays and prints the preview image of all CAD type files. In addition to the drawing format files (dwg, dwt) you are also able to view and print bak and dwf file preview images. Inventor and Apprentice users will like the ability to view and print preview images of iam, ipt, ide, idw, and ipn type files. Revit users can view and print preview images of their rvt, rfa, rft, and rte files types.

When DwgGrid is started it will open in the state it was in when you last closed the program, including the files you have checked.

The "Hot Track" feature allows rapidly traversing the file listing and the directory structure. You can enjoy click-free viewing of your files. Unchecking the Hot Track checkbox causes DwgGrid to behave in a fashion more like the common Windows Explorer program.

By checking only the extensions you are interested in viewing, display is limited to files matching your selection. You may further filter the files you would like to view by specifying a mask, then checking the "Apply Filter" checkbox.

The right side bar interactively displays the preview images as you scroll the file listing. You may enlarge the size of the images to further enhance viewing of the previews.



The DwgGrid Print Preview Window:





The DwgGrid Print Preview window displays the desired output for your contact sheets.  In this window you can easily and efficiently adjust the appearance you wish to achieve.

This window also serves as the Html preview window which displays the output of your Html files after the pages have been created. 



Try DwgGrid free for a 30 day trial. During the trial period a watermark is placed above the saved images.

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  Version (dated 09/24/2012) File Size 1.26 mb


If you are behind a restrictive firewall download the zipped files here:

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Version (dated 09/24/2012) File Size 1.24 mb

DwgGrid is priced at $29.95 for a single user. Multiple user discount pricing is available. To view the discount schedule click below.

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