Getting Started With CadTempo

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Getting Started With CadTempo

Postby Patrick Hughes » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:30 pm

After installing CadTempo the first thing you will want to do is get the program to track the files and programs you want to log.

Start CadTempoView. The desktop icon is the one that shows a clock face.

The left panel in CadTempoView contains bars that allow you to navigate to the various features of the program.

Click Options
The page that will appear is the "All Users" and your user name should be showing. You can select a color that you prefer by clicking into the color box next to your name. If you right click on your name you can adjust the daily and weekly hours that are assigned.

Additional users are automatically added as they are detected by the program.

Click the File Types tab
Here you will determine the file extensions that CadTempo will track. The right panel displays the known file extensions that CadTempoView was able to detect. 64bit systems may require you to browse for certain file extensions. Click the <-- arrow button to add the selected extension.

Click the Applications tab
You now select the programs that will be tracked. As with the file extensions, CadTempoView may not detect all the programs you wish to add. Again you can browse for an application. Click the <-- arrow button to add the selected application.

Click Apply Changes
After clicking "Apply Changes" your settings are saved and CadTempo (the logging program) will automatically detect the new settings and adjust itself accordingly, there may be a delay of 15 seconds.

For a basic set up, that's it!

Please note: In order to view logged data it must, of course, have been previously recorded. CadTempo is now set up to detect a program starting and record the document. Actual logging of the document time will not take place until a document is detected and saved or closed. Likewise a session is not logged until all monitored applications are closed.

You can confirm the program is operating properly by viewing the Timer Display message box.
From the Windows Start button select All Programs >> EngDS >> CadTempo >> CadTempo Display Time
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