What is the difference between Edit Time and Idle Time?

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What is the difference between Edit Time and Idle Time?

Postby Patrick Hughes » Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:37 pm

Jason asked:

One concern that we have is the difference between Edit Time and Idle Time. How are those differences noted? Is the idle time recorded even if the file is not saved?

My reference to "idle time" is merely the difference between the elapsed (total time) and the edit time. Both timers function whenever a file is open and the values are recorded regardless of whether a save is performed or not. Even if you were to open a file in "read only" the times are recorded. In fact if you were to set it up to monitor a viewer type of program such as DwgTrueView it would record that time as well. My reasoning behind that is regardless of whether or not you are editing a drawing the time spent within a drawing is, well, time spent.

Jason replied:

I like this. This was the first thing my guy said. “Oh, it won’t work because I often open files for reference”. Boy will he be unpleasantly surprised. I also found the Idle timer and Latency logger options under operations, which is a good thing for us to adjust if needed.
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